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The Wizard of Cupcakes

Mocha cupcake

Mocha cupcake from Sprinkles, Chicago

Sprinkles cupcake display
Rachael and Dana at Sprinkles
Cupcakes from Sprinkles

Sprinkles, and frosting, and cupcakes! Oh, my!

The quest for cupcakes has begun… The first stop along the yellow brick road was Sprinkles Cupcakes. Now, usually, the best is saved for last. This may not be the case. Sprinkles set the bar high, and I’ll be optimistic and hope that it won’t go downhill from here. My main Partner in Cupcake Crime (PICC), Dana, shares my affinity for cupcakes and has enthusiastically agreed to join me on my cupcake adventures. God bless her. Here is where our story begins…

We chose the day ahead of time and decided to go at lunch. I’m sure the suspense is already killing you. During the morning, we waited anxiously at our desks while IMing each other random messages like, “I LOVE CUPCAKES!” Maybe not so random. Cupcake tension filled the office. At lunch, we left the building and powerwalked our way to Sprinkles like two old ladies named Marge and Phyllis. Good thing we left our fanny packs at home that day—they would have slowed us down.

We arrived at Sprinkles with stars in our eyes. Displayed behind a wall of glass (with Sprinkles scripted upon it), the cupcakes peered out like little pups in a pet store saying, “Choose me! Choose me!” The girls behind the counter were chipper and rushed to fill our orders, maybe because they saw the intense hunger in our eyes. That’d scare anybody. Between the two of us, we left with six cupcakes, a couple forks, and big smiles. Happiest kids on a Chicago city block.

Diving into my first cupcake—carrot cake—was extremely enjoyable. Cover your eyes, children. The cake was studded with walnuts (nuts said to be fit for a god) and speckled with shredded carrots. Not to mention, the flavor was rich and reminded me of my professionally made wedding cake. You heard me right, we sprang for a couple layers of carrot cake in our wedding cake. As any carrot cake should be, it was dense and moist. Am I writing a romantic novel here? The frosting was, of course, cream cheese but with a subtle hint of cinnamon, which complemented the spiced flavor of the cake. Warning: This is a heavy duty cupcake and can constitute as a meal. The key lime and coconut cupcakes were lighter but just as tasty. Sprinkles’ cake (and frosting) can be described as buttery goodness that melts in your mouth. I particularly enjoyed the frosting on the key lime cupcake. I’m not even a huge key lime fan. Why did I buy that one, you may ask? What can I say—I was being adventurous.

In addition to their fabulous flavors, each cupcake was adorned with a simple candy piece (made up of one small, colorful circle topped by a smaller, just as colorful circle). Simple, yet effective. If I ever see that candy piece again (which I will), I’ll think, “Sprinkles.” Sometimes less is more.

Moral of the story, there’s no place like Sprinkles.

p.s., If you become a fan of Sprinkles on Facebook, you’ll see posts that contain “whisper words.” The first so many people (e.g., 25 or 50) to whisper these words IN STORE will receive their free cupcake of the day. I can vouch for this. I once received a strawberry cupcake from the Chicago Sprinkles store by whispering, “Wish upon a star.”

Rating:  ★★★★★ 

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  1. Lynn says:

    Sprinkles is absolutely amazing! Love their pumpkin cupcake – but hate that it’s only available two days a week. Anyone wanting to try Sprinkles and a specific flavor should check their website to see which flavors are available that day!

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