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Cupcakes in Black

I have opened up the “blog field,” so to speak, and invited many of my friends to guest blog for my site. I am happy to say that Wil (a.k.a., Wiru) Turner, my athletic trainer and dear friend from the University of Michigan, is the first to accept this challenge. I hope you enjoy his review of Cake in a Cup (Toledo, OH) as much as I did.


The G.A.T. had a reunion at Molly's Cupcakes.

There are two things I love in this world—G.A.T. (super exclusive club of three members—Rachael, Kari, and myself) and food. On second thought there are three things—G.A.T., food, and sandy oceanic beaches. If I add my family and friends, my list is well over 50 things. I also love movies. Oh, how can I forget TV shows like The Office? Then, there are sports, namely, college football on a brisk fall Saturday. Wait, I can’t forget slurpees (only from 7-11, no imposters) and beer. Ok. Ok. Let’s just say that there are a more than a million things that I love in this world. Now, this is embarrassing… I will have to use my trusty Neuralyzer from Men in Black that Will Smith kindly allowed me to borrow to erase what just happened. Will and me, we’re BFF.

*Bright Flash Envelopes You*

So, um, yeah there are a few things I love in this world. One thing that stands out is the deliciousness of a cupcake. If you truly know me, you’d know my intense love for cupcakes. Cupcakes are works of art that scream to be devoured and savored. At least that’s what I hear in my head when I happen upon cupcakes sitting “innocently” behind a layer of glass. Cupcakes are not innocent. They will relentlessly taunt and tease you until bought and consumed. I can never resist, my will power is a sapling in a cupcake storm. I’ve even walked four miles (roundtrip) to get one….er several. You just can’t buy one. They would get lonely. Because they are born out of sweetness and love, they are out of this world. Maybe Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith should investigate. I could go on but let’s get to the point.

On a recent visit to Evanston, Illinois, I made it a point to meet up with a few of my favorite people—Rachael, Ian, and Kari. Many things were discussed and consumed one of which included cupcakes from one of my now favorite cupcakeries, Molly’s Cupcakes (too bad they don’t deliver to Ann Arbor). Since Rachael and I share a love of cupcakes, I shared some pics of a cupcakery in Toledo, Ohio I had recently visited. Rachael immediately offered a chance for me to be a guest writer on Flick and Eats. I was extremely honored. Without further ado, here is my review (Hey, that rhymed).


Hostess with the Mostest, Toffee Crunch, and the Pretty in Pink cupcakes from Cake in a Cup, Toledo

Cake in a Cup is a small cupcakery in a little strip mall just off US Route 23 in Toledo, OH. It’s conveniently located near Scramblers Marie (a.k.a., Café Marie) which is also great for a nice meal especially breakfast. Upon entering Cake in a Cup, I was greeted by a blast of sweet goodness which sent my salivary glands in overdrive. A very friendly employee welcomed me and offered to describe their cupcakes. Cake in a Cup has over 25 cupcakes in their repertoire. I was also informed that their list of cupcakes changes monthly, and seasonally. Sadly, all of their 25+ are not available on a daily basis. Therefore, I had to choose from their limited daily offering on this particular Sunday. Typically, about eight cupcakes are offered daily. Red Velvet (best seller), Vanilla, and Chocolate cupcakes are offered every day.

For those who cannot wait to consume their sugary goodness, there is a small seating area which consists of two tables surrounded by a few chairs. The decorations were minimal but let’s be honest, the cupcakes upstaged everything within the cupcakery. Even though I had time to stay, I decided to try my luck and got some to go. I hoped I wouldn’t get icing and crumbs all over my car from a potential fit of cupcake rage. Remember, these things scream at you! Rachael would be very happy to know that Cake in a Cup offers great packaging for their cupcakes. No one wants their cupcakes mixing and no one wants to deal with a mess of icing all over the container. That’s a travesty and who has time to scrape the box? Well, maybe I would make time. Needless to say, the cupcakes and I made it home safely.

I chose the Hostess with the Mostest, Toffee Crunch, and the employee-recommended Pretty in Pink. Hostess with the Mostest is basically a hostess chocolate cupcake all the way down to the signature squiggle on top, except better. At first bite, I was flooded with childhood memories of eating a Hostess two-pack with a large glass of ice cold milk. Cake in a Cup’s version was very moist, the cream in the middle was light, and the chocolate ganache on top had big chocolate flavor. I was quite impressed and wished they came in pairs.

Next up was the Toffee Crunch. This cupcake consisted of a vanilla cake filled with crunchy chocolate covered toffee (hence, its name) with a vanilla butter cream icing, topped with chocolate covered toffee. While delicious, I felt that there was just too much toffee candy. It was like eating a candy bar which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I wanted a cupcake.

Last and certainly not least was the Pretty in Pink. I’ll admit I was a little embarrassed ordering it, but that all faded when devouring it. The Pretty in Pink is a light and moist strawberry cake (with real strawberries baked within the cake) topped with a light strawberry cream cheese frosting, again made with real strawberries. Ok, I have a serious confession to make. I am not a huge fan of frosting. I know what you are thinking… How can I love cupcakes and not enjoy the icing? I do not understand it either, but it’s true. I do eat some of the frosting but most of it is left on the side. My apologies to the cupcake gods! For me it’s all about the cake. But occasionally, I come across a frosting that I cannot refuse. Pretty in Pink had that kind of frosting. I couldn’t help but eat it all.

If you find yourself driving through Toledo by way of US route 23, make sure you take a detour at Central Ave (exit 13). You will not be disappointed. While you are at it, feel free to pick up a couple cupcakes for me.

Rating:  ★★★½☆ 

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2 Responses to “Cupcakes in Black”

  1. lala says:

    The chocolate peanut butter cupcakes from Cake in a Cup are ridiculous! In a good way, of course. Chocolate cupcake, peanut butter frosting and peanut butter cups on top. YUM!

  2. Wiru says:

    Im going to have to go back there and soon. I hope they have that cupcake available

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