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Oh Cupcake, Where Art Thou


The Piña Colada cupcake from Cupcake Gallery, Chicago

Groupon has my number. They posted yet another Groupon for a cupcake place and being the fat kid I am, I had my credit card ready before you could even say “fat kid.” Therefore, Cupcake Gallery moved to the top of our list.

Arriving at Cupcake Gallery, we couldn’t help but notice the seemingly temporary vinyl sign across the storefront. It was if they just opened, but I don’t think they did. Entering the establishment, I got the same impression. The furniture was mismatched and behind the counter, there was a disorganized shelf of paper towels, plastic cups, etc. We walked up to the display case of cupcakes and they had about a dozen flavors from which to choose. I asked the server (who happened to be the manager, Darius) if he had any recommendations. He nonchalantly suggested a couple favorites. When we pulled out our Groupon, he seemed kind of annoyed. This is the second time that we’ve gotten a semi-bad response using Groupon and it’s certainly not Groupon’s fault. Don’t they realize that Groupon is an advertising opportunity?

I ordered the Chocolate Peanut Buddy, the Cookie, and the Piña Colada cupcakes, which were packaged in upside down plastic cups. We sat down at the patio furniture to partake in cupcakes. I took a large bite of the Chocolate Peanut Buddy and the frosting practically came tumbling down on me like a creamy peanut butter avalanche. There are worse things. Chocolate syrup was drizzled on top of the smooth frosting and and it was garnished with chocolate chips and crushed peanuts. The cake was dry, but I was pleasantly surprised by the sweet peanut butter cream filling. As my sister would say, “Nugget.” Overall, the flavor was decent but the cake could barely hold up the frosting. I’d say it was a 4 to 1 ratio of frosting to cake. Holy frosting!

The Cookie cupcake (according to their website, it’s no longer available) was so so. The cake was crumbly and the frosting was just plain buttercream. A petite cookie adorned the top of this cookie creation like a French beret. Stay tuned for a cookie dough-stuffed cupcake recipe. My friend, Kristin, will be guest blogging about it soon. The worst of the three was the Piña Colada (also not on their website). The cake was bland and the frosting tasted a tad sour. The best part was the toasted coconut sprinkled on top. Perhaps, a shot of rum would have been a good chaser to this cupcake.

The first impression is important and needless to say, I wasn’t impressed. Though Cupcake Gallery has potential, I don’t feel the need to return. I wouldn’t turn down one of their cupcakes if it was placed in front of me, but I doubt I’ll go out of my way to give it another shot.

Go to sleep you little baby
Go to sleep you little baby
You and me and the devil makes three
Don’t need no other lovin’ baby
Go to sleep you little baby
Go to sleep you little baby

Rating:  ★★½☆☆ 

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