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Almost Cupcakes

Taking a bite of my Wing and a Prayer Meatloaf cupcake at the Meatloaf Bakery

And you can tell everybody that my last words were… I’m on meatloaf cupcakes!

I once heard that if you wanna be a true critic, be honest and unmerciful. It all started with an innocent email from Groupon advertising $20 worth of food from Meatloaf Bakery for a discounted price of $10. For those of you who are not yet familiar with Groupon coupons, click on the link. Now you are. Needless to say, I bought this particular Groupon. (p.s., Today only (1.19.11), get a $20 Amazon gift card for just $10! Get it on Living Social Daily Deals.)

Meatloaf Bakery is a cute, modern bakery tucked between a few other privately-owned places on N. Clark Street. Unlike the common pastry bakery, Meatloaf Bakery specializes in savory baked goods in the form of bite-sized loafies, individual-serving cupcakes, and family-sized pies, layer cakes, and loafs. Advertised as comfort food for the soul, their various meatloaf creations can be preordered and carried out or baked fresh and consumed right in the bakery. But, I don’t recommend eating in since they only have two small tables with two chairs each. Plus, meatloaf is meant to be eaten at home, with family.

Venturing outside our comfort zone of sweet cupcakes, Dana and I decided to take a detour and give the cupcakes at Meatloaf Bakery a bite. Plan for the day—lunch at Meatloaf Bakery, dessert at Molly’s Cupcakes, followed by a well-deserved food coma. We strolled into the brightly colored little bakery, plucked up a menu, and gazed at the premade meat fare. Our selections included A Wing and a Prayer cupcake, the Yentl Lentl cupcake, and a flight of 3 loafies—Herb Turkey, Loaf-a-roma, and No Buns About it Burger. As a sidenote, the cupcakes range from $7.95 to $9.95 each and the flight was $5.95. Family pies and loafs range from $34.95 to $43.95 each (serves 4-6). The girl who took our order said they’d have them out in a jiffy. 20 minutes later…

I have to admit, Meatloaf Bakery has a flair for food presentation. The flight of loafies looked too pretty to eat. The individual cupcakes were just that, meatloaf (and yentl-loaf) in the shape of a cupcake. We tried the loafies first. Even though these were meant to be bite-sized hor d’oeuvres, we both still managed a small bite from each concoction. Unfortunately, all three were overcooked which probably explains the lack of flavor. We were underwhelmed with the loafies.

I had chosen The Wing and a Prayer cupcake, or rather, it had chosen me. This meatloaf cupcake was a combination of hot and spicy wing sauce, crumbled blue cheese, ground chicken, and celery topped with a buttery blue cheese crust. Ranch dressing was served on the side. All good things. Tidbit about me—I can eat blue cheese with practically anything. The meatloaf was pretty tasty and surprisingly filling for being the size of a cupcake. If you don’t eat meat, there’s something here for you too, the gluten-free Yentl Lentl cupcake—composed of a blend of lentils and brown rice flavored with veggies and cheese, topped with colorful bell peppers and served with roasted red bell pepper coulis. Not my style, but hey, it might be yours.

I was never much of a meatloaf girl and that hasn’t changed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of meat—almost too much of a fan. I think Meatloaf Bakery is based on an interesting concept, which apparently appeals to enough people since they’re still in business, and may be worth a trip. For me, one trip was enough.

From here on out (cupcake adventure-wise), I am only interested in what is sweet. Real food, real cupcakes, that’s it, that’s all I’m interested in. Molly’s Cupcakes, here we come.

Rating:  ★★★☆☆ 

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  1. Tina says:

    hummm cupcakes as a meaty little morsal – – I think not! Though I dare say the write up that you whipped up was delightful and your nugget on groupon is a treat – – keep up the adventures. Love ya – –

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