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The Breakfast Cupcake

The raspberry cupcake from Phoebe's Cupcakes

Dear Cupcake Critics,

I accept the fact that you have to sacrifice your concept of what a cupcake should be when taking a bite out of me. What I am is different. But, I think you’re crazy not to try me. You taste cupcakes as you want to taste them… In the simplest ways, in the most convenient flavors. But what you’ll soon find out is that I am sweet…

…and salty…
…and savory…

Sincerely yours,
The Breakfast Cupcake

Our next stop down Cupcake Lane happened to be Phoebe’s Cupcakes on Broadway, a cute little joint that seats about 20 people and offers complimentary Wi-Fi. If you have to finish up a work project or school paper one morning, I recommend hunkering down at Phoebe’s with a steaming cup of joe and their trademark Pancake & Bacon Breakfast Cupcake™. Literally, it’s trademarked.

We planned two weeks in advance for this cupcake excursion. We are that serious about cupcakes. And this time, another of my good ol’ friends joined us on our adventure. The more the merrier. Her name is Lynn. She just moved to New York so if you’re ever looking for a NYC hotspot, check out her Yelp reviews. She’s good, real good.

All of us arrived at Phoebe’s early. Along the walls, they had a few wooden shelves filled with a variety of sprinkles, cookies, and other sweets—including freshly baked doggie treats that could be packaged up in mini Chinese takeout boxes. Adorable. I almost ate a doggy cookie, which I actually did at a pet store once…awkward silence…

Back to the cupcakes. Their flavors change from week to week, rotating from a list of 200 flavors (which are all available for catered events). After much deliberation (e.g., 3 seconds), I selected the funfetti, raspberry, and pancake & bacon cupcakes. All three of us dove into the funfetti cupcakes first. F-U-N! F-U-N! It was what you’d expect—vanilla sprinkle cake topped with vanilla sugar cream frosting with sprinkles mixed in. The cake was dense and the frosting (which there was a lot of) was cold and tasted like ice cream. Not bad, but nothing to write home about.

We left in good spirits. Immediately after dinner, and I mean immediately, I broke out the raspberry and pancake & bacon cupcakes to share with my hubs. For one, the raspberry cupcake was beautifully decorated with a whipped, light pink frosting topped with a bit of raspberry gel and tiny silver candy beads. The texture was light and smooth, reminding me very much of raspberry sorbet. The raspberry frosting and gel complemented the raspberry cupcake well. That rhymed. Overall, the raspberry cupcake was moist, airy, and very flavorful, but not overly so.

Now, what you’ve been patiently waiting for, the pancake & bacon cupcake—“a pancake flavored buttermilk cake soaked in maple syrup, topped with a maple cream frosting and fresh bacon, and a touch of cinnamon.” Do you think Pavlov’s dog would salivate for a pancake & bacon cupcake? I think so. I know I would. This cupcake had the texture and sweetness of a pancake breakfast. It brought me back to mornings where my dad and I would stand side by side at the kitchen counter while I made the pancakes and he made the bacon. Do you like to swirl your bacon in the leftover syrup on your plate? If so, there’s a bit of syrup drizzled on the bacon which sits atop this cupcake. If you take anything away from this post, take my advice and go have breakfast for dessert.

Being bad feels pretty good, huh?


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  1. Lori says:

    yep … I remember when you ate that doggy cookied at the pet store (our Bear’s first weeked!) … gotta tell you, you’ve never been the same since!

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