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Kristin’s Strawberry and White Chocolate Birthday Cupcakes

Strawberry cake topped with swirled strawberry and white chocolate buttercream frosting

A cupcake for each of Kristin's 24 birthdays

Happy 24th Birthday, Kristin! As Dwight would say, “It is your birthday.” Now, would you like to choose an hour nap or an hour watching TV?

For Kristin’s birthday cupcakes, she wisely chose a strawberry and white chocolate flavor combo. For the cake, we used Sprinkles’ Strawberry Cupcake recipe which calls for fresh strawberry purée and results in pure deliciousness. Our strawberry frosting was a simple buttercream frosting with strawberry flavoring, and the white chocolate frosting consisted of just a few ingredients—2 sticks of butter, 6 oz of melted (and cooled) white chocolate, and about 3 cups of confectioners sugar. All in all, the white chocolate frosting subtly complemented the full strawberry flavor of the cake. Props to Kristin on decorating these bad boys. I dedicate to her the following poem (which was written during our college softball days).

Rat Pants

Gosh darn it!
Bloody freaking hell!

Holy crap!
Appropriate? One can never tell

Kristin reached her angry state
In a friendly game of euchre
She pulled out the big guns
I couldn’t even rebuke her

Her distress was apparent
The fury was real
Her lip slightly quivered
Megan stopped mid-deal

Kristin glared around the circle
Will she give us another chance?
She took a deep breath
And angrily mumbled, “Rat pants”

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