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Hummingbird Cupcakes


Kristin’s Hummingbird cupcake topped with a tasty “birds nest” made of toasted coconut and mini Cadbury eggs.


Rachael and Lori’s Hummingbird cupcakes topped with brightly-colored shredded coconut.

My dear friend Kristin is multi-talented. Just to name a few of her many talents, she can run like the wind, heal people with her mad physical therapy skillz, and bake up a delicious storm. I am a big fan of hers. Before Easter, she messaged me asking if I had any ideas for an Easter cupcake. Indeed, I did! I had tried hummingbird cake for the first time the previous spring and decided it would be fantastic as a cupcake. Hummingbird cake consists of a cinnamon-spiced cake filled with bananas, pineapple, walnuts, and coconut, topped with cream cheese frosting. Need I say more?

I was able to quickly find a well-rated hummingbird cupcake recipe at Taste of Home, and away we went to bake—her in Illinois and me in Michigan. Both of our finished products turned out perfectly delightful. I especially like Kristin’s clever decoration on the top of her hummingbird cupcake. It’s a “bird’s nest,” one that I want to eat. Here is Kristin’s review of the recipe:

I told my friend Rachael that I wanted to make cupcakes for Easter and asked if she had any good recipes. I said I didn’t want to do a chocolate or heavy cupcake, but something similar to carrot cake. Rach suggested hummingbird cupcakes and I couldn’t have been happier with the results! It was a delicious cake—banana and cinnamon being the main flavors—and the coconut and pineapple added the perfect amount of texture while keeping the cake moist. I couldn’t get enough of the cream cheese frosting which added a great sweetness to the bread-like flavor of the cake. Loved this recipe, would recommend it to anyone!

Well said, Kristin.

I am beyond excited to say that she will be joining me in Chicago this weekend to celebrate her birthday. On her birthday weekend, we will attend a Brad Paisley concert, enjoy brunch with her family, see our good friend Nikki play on the Chicago Bandits softball team, and bake strawberry cupcakes with swirled white chocolate and strawberry buttercream frosting (post to come). Oh, shoot! I is very excite.

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